Use art as a tool for participation and system change

#localcommunities #planners #publicauthorities Avenues for action

  • Make your communication more inclusive, accessible and fun by using art-based methods. Provide these methods as an alternative or addition to verbal consultations. 
  • Hold vision sessions on the desired change and prototype alternative futures together with the public using creative approaches such as painting, music, and sculpture, temporary installations etc. Explore powerful, art-based methods such as theatre of the oppressed, dragon dreaming etc. 
  • Use art to make your visions more tangible for both the public and decision-makers (e.g. in artivism), and help them to imagine the change. Enable and encourage citizens to use art to express their ideas for future neighbourhoods, Art can be used to provoke discussion and to inspire action.
  • Hire artists as imagination facilitators and dream-catchers.
Weather vane, Rotterdam

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