Fair Local Green Deals

Supporting the development of Local Green Deals in Valencia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Wroclaw, Lodz and Ghent, using unique tailored approaches for involving citizens and other local stakeholders.

The City of Lodz Office

The European Green Deal aims at making Europe Climate neutral by 2050. Its success relies on the implementation on the local level. This is where Local Green Deals (LGDs) come in.

The Fair Local Green Deals project makes sure that the adaptation of the European Green Deal to the local level is not only a top-down effort. The project includes and engages a city’s residents and empowers them as co-creators of Local Green Deals that match their interests, priorities and the local frameworks. It also pays special attention to the inclusion of minorities and marginalised groups. Directly involving all stakeholders in local transformation processes promotes fairness, equity and sustainability as a mind-set and fosters ownership of the LGDs among citizens.

After assessing the status quo and co-designing a LGD framework in each city, the project accompanies the implementation alongside city authorities and citizens. Finally local stakeholders are also involved in the evaluation of the project. Taking into account citizens’ opinion is fundamental to making the Local Green Deals democratic and capable of sustaining, adjusting and innovating themselves based on citizens’ needs. The pilot cities in the project will share their experiences and approaches with each other as well as third cities, enabling them to increase and improve participation of their citizens.

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