Support projects which help us think differently about our relationship with nature

#civilsociety #planners #privatesector #publicauthorities Avenues for action

  • Redefine conceptions of who and what has rights, including sentient animals and even natural features inside and outside cities to better protect and regenerate nature.
  • Be inspired by successful legal battles to award personhood and legal rights to national parks, rivers and other natural bodies.
  • Reflecting on what is indigeneous, create stories from and around natural features in the city so it belongs as an explicit part of the neighbourhoods and help the inhabitants relate to them and help them become guardians of nature.
  • Adopt different ways of defining, understanding and experiencing nature, with up-stream salutogenic design and attention to different and civic-based worldviews, value systems, organising ideas and mental models overcoming techno-science approaches.
Weather vane, Rotterdam

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